Who are you?

Get Real Audio is the trading name of Josh Clark, mastering engineer, producer and musician. You can find out more about him here.

How come your rates are so low?

Well, in line with a huge increase in demand for audio facilities at the lower end of the market, there are new ones appearing all the time. Most of them achieve their competitive pricing through some kind of compromise. Get Real Audio is no exception, but instead of compromising on equipment or expertise, we’ve based ourselves in the lower basement of a residential georgian townhouse, vastly reducing the overheads associated with commercial studio premises, and therefore reducing the cost of our services.

Right, so you’re in a basement flat. Does it sound any good?

Yes! We’re set back from the road, and two floors underground (from the front), which is far enough to completely eradicate the street noise. Out the back there’s nothing but trees and cats!
We’ve had Neil Perry from Raw State Audio come and test the acoustics and make recommendations. His words were “Well, that’s astonishingly good”, which is good enough for us. Control rooms aren’t often constructed from 18th century Bath stone, and that combined with a little bit of judicious acoustic treatment has created a great room to listen and record in.


Is there anywhere to eat or relax?

The large studio room has a couple of sofas, but if you want to get away from the music for a while, or finish off that elusive 3rd verse, there’s a lovely quiet courtyard at the rear of the building. Josh the engineer (and ex-chef) will even make some lunch for you if you ask him nicely!